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Once when I was watching snooker from TV, commentator made a passing note about snooker rankings. That got me thinking, couldn't there be WRC rankings? After all, there are similar rankings in tennis, golf, rugby and other sports. Currently the only existing way to rank WRC drivers is the championship points table and that has several inherent problems.

First of all, championship points extend only to so many drivers, currently for top-eight. Secondly, points are awarded only to finishers, last stage retirement after a brilliant drive does not amount to anything. Thirdly, championship points are awarded irrespective of the actual performance, hard-fought win is as valuable as leisure cruise to finish.

In WRC rankings, points are awarded for a position in each special stage along a geometric scale. Higher the position, the more points are scored.

In order to even out differences between rallies that have varying amount of stages, total sum of points from a rally is then divided by the number of stages. This score reflects average stage position during the rally and is further modified by event and team modifiers to arrive to the final score for the event.

Event modifier reflects the prestige of the event, not necessarily the quality of the opposition or skill needed to master the event in question. Event modifier is meant to give emphasis on performance on a classic event, as opposed to "easier" events recently introduced to the championship.

Team modifier is meant to reflect the quality of the team and car. Of course, this is difficult to gauge and for simplicity this is based on team's position in previous year's manufacturer championship with privateers having highest modifier.

Event modifiers
 Monte Carlo   1.2 x points 
 Corsica   1.1 x points 
 Finland   1.1 x points 
 Great Britain   1.1 x points 
 Sweden   1.1 x points 
 Argentina   1.0 x points 
 Australia   1.0 x points 
 Catalunya   1.0 x points 
 Deutschland   1.0 x points 
 Mexico   1.0 x points 
 Poland   1.0 x points 
 Portugal   1.0 x points 
 Sardinia   1.0 x points 
 China   0.9 x points 
 Turkey   0.9 x points 
Team modifiers
 2018  M-Sport   1.00 x points 
 2018  Hyundai   1.02 x points 
 2018  Toyota   1.04 x points 
 2018  Citroen   1.06 x points 
 2017  Hyundai   1.00 x points 
 2017  M-Sport   1.02 x points 
 2017  Citroen   1.04 x points 
 2017  Toyota   1.10 x points 
 2016  Volkswagen   1.00 x points 
 2016  Volkswagen II   1.00 x points 
 2016  Abu Dhabi   1.02 x points 
 2016  Hyundai   1.02 x points 
 2016  Hyundai N   1.02 x points 
 2016  M-Sport   1.04 x points 
 2016  Yazeed   1.06 x points 
 2016  DMACK   1.06 x points 
    All privateers   1.15 x points 
Special thanks to Adam who has helped me to formulate the rules for the WRC rankings.
Why ranking is calculated from 32 rounds?

Reason comes from history of the rankings. When launched WRC rankings in 2005, there were 16 events annually. I wanted to cover two seasons in order to even out irrelevant fluctuations, so the number of rounds included in rankings was set to 32.