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There are two kinds of statistics in this site. The all-time statistics can be found on this section. Statistics related to a particular team, car, driver, season or event are on pages of the entity in question.

All-time statistics include tables of driver starts, wins, podiums, wins per nationalities, wins in one season but also in wins in same rally as well as in wins in different rallies.

Similar statistics can be found for co-drivers (starts, wins, podiums, wins per nationalities) and makes (manufacturer wins but also wins by models, wins in one season but also in wins in same rally as well as in wins in different rallies).

Events are not be forgotten, there are statistics for events in general, events and countries, events in a season, winner's average speed and stage mileage as well as entries or closest wins.

These are but examples, please delve into world of WRC statistics to find whatever suits your needs.

As explained in legal section, I make no warranties as to accuracy of information presented in this site. I however thrive to maximum accuracy and continually cross-check information contained within.

There are several difficulties though. The most glaring is the fact that obtaining comprehensive information from past years is difficult at best, impossible on most cases. Piecing together information from various sources is intriguing task but it may lead to discrepancies.

Another point is that even current information that is readily available is not at all very thorough. Good example are cars competitors use, how should I interpret if entry list reads only "Mitsubishi Lancer"? I know it's N4 machine but it can be any Evo and if I want to have complete statistics, I would like to know which. Also, some competitors enter under nicknames and unless their real name is known, how can I ever be sure if they've not entered with another name at one time or other?