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This site
All editorials, design, computer code and other original material are copyright by Jouni 'Jonkka' Tikkanen. If you wish to use something from this site, please contact me and ask. It is very likely that you get my permission.

Other parties
All product names, brands and logos on this site are copyright of their respective owners with the exception of name of the site (""). Copyrighted information and content are used on this site either with permission, under "fair use" clause or as permitted by laws for reporting current events.

Result information is intellectual property of FIA. World Rally Championship (WRC) is owned by FIA and commercial rights holder is ISC.

All pictures are copyrighted by their respective owners and should be treated as copyrighted material. In no case can you use those except for your personal, non-commercial use as permitted by the appropriate laws.

Following parties have permitted usage of their material or, better yet, helped this site by supplying hard to get exclusive or historical material. My sincerest thanks to all of them.

Rally teams
BF Goodrich BF Goodrich is copyright of Michelin / BF Goodrich
Citroen Sport Citroen is copyright of Automobiles Citroen
Ford Rallye Sport Ford is copyright of Ford Motor Company
Hyundai World Rally Team Hyundai is copyright of Hyundai Motor Company (team defunct)
Michelin Sport Michelin is copyright of Michelin
Mini Mini is copyright of BMW AG
Mitsubishi Ralliart Mitsubishi is copyright of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Japan)
Peugeot Sport Peugeot is copyright of Automobiles Peugeot
Pirelli Competizioni Pirelli is copyright of Pirelli & C. S.p.A.
Prodrive Prodrive is copyright of Prodrive
Renault Renault is copyright of Renault Group
Skoda Motorsport Skoda is copyright of Skoda Auto
Subaru World Rally Team Subaru is copyright of Fuji Heavy Industries (team defunct)
Suzuki Works Techno Suzuki is copyright of Suzuki Motor Corporation
Toyota Team Europe Toyota is copyright of Toyota Motor Corporation
Volkswagen Volkswagen is copyright of Volkswagen Group AG

Manufacturers and other parties
Audi Audi is copyright of Volkswagen Group AG
B.A.R B.A.R was copyright of British American Racing (team defunct)
Classic Car Collection Classic Car Collection is copyright of Classic Car Collection S.A.
Cosworth Cosworth is copyright of Cosworth Racing Ltd
FIAT FIAT is copyright of Fiat S.p.A.
Inmarsat Inmarsat is copyright of Inmarsat Ltd
Lancia Lancia is copyright of Fiat S.p.A.
Mazda Mazda is copyright of Mazda Motor Corporation
Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz is copyright of Daimler AG
MG MG is copyright of MG Rover Group
Saab MG is copyright of Spyker Cars NV
Toyota Toyota is copyright of Toyota Motor Corporation