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Jean-Claude Vaucard
Chassis engineer, Peugeot Talbot Sport (1982-1993)
Chief chassis engineer, Citroen Sport (1993-2005)

Engineer through-and-through, a graduate from prestigious ESTACA engineering school near Paris. But more than just an engineer, Jean-Claude is also an established driver himself, having rallied up until 1982 and was French division 2 champion by that time.

Born in Verdun and introduced to motorsports by his father, Jean-Claude knew from young that he wanted to be an engineer. After graduating he went to work with Chrysler in France, eventually having responsibility over chassis development in several European countries. Alongside daily work he also did rallies and came in contact with likes of Des O'Dell, the head of Talbot competition in UK and Jean Todt, head of Talbot Lotus Cup one-make series.

It was no co-incidence that Jean-Claude gave up driving in 1982, it was at that time when he was signed to Peugeot Talbot Sport to work with something known as Peugeot 205T16. Since then he has worked with host of various projects, moving on to Paris-Dakar after Group B was banned, also visiting Pikes Peak and finally had a couple years with Le Mans, all with Peugeot. From there he switched to Citroen, initially working with various ZX rally raid programmes until Xsara kit-car came along in 1997.

This fantastic career hung on a thread, though. When Jean Todt originally asked if Vaucaurd would join his new team, Jean-Claude thought the matter over for two weeks even though Todt had wanted immediate answer. And after this deliberation the answer was negative, Vaucard would not accept the offered post. In half an hour Todt made short work of that answer and persuaded Jean-Claude to join and so he became second employee of the 205T16 project. Initially Vaucard had charge of technical matters and only later was Andre de Cortanze signed as technical director.

Jean-Claude Vaucard
Jean-Claude Vaucard
Nationality: France
Born: 14th Oct 1941