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Graham Moore
Chief engineer, Hyundai World Rally Team (2002-2003)
Chief engineer, Subaru World Rally Team (2006-2008)

Like all most engineers, Graham has always been fascinated by all things mechanical.

Graham graduated from Loughborough in 1982, specialising in mechanical engineering. He then worked at Westland helicopters and the Ministry of Defence before moving in 1990 to be Rally Engineer at Prodrive, incidentally working first with Colin McRae in BRC.

Early 1990's Prodrive was still a small company and David Lapworth ran the engineering department with just couple of technicians. Graham stayed at Prodrive for 11 years and saw rallying grow a lot during that time. He mostly spent time at engine engineering before moving on to Motorsport sales department to work with customer teams.

Moore's next duty at Prodrive was rally engineer for Juha Kankkunen, a relationship that was renewed later at Hyundai. After Juha and Prodrive went separate ways, Moore was assigned to work with Markko Martin. As estonian didn't have full programme, Moore soon moved to head the whole powertrain work as his final assignment at Prodrive.

Moore joined Motor Sport Developments in February 2002 as Senior Development Engineer and when former chief engineer Nick Clipson departed three months later, Moore assumed duties of chief engineer. As Hyundai WRT faced staff and testing reductions due to budget limitations in 2003, Moore fast became disillusioned and finally resigned in August. Just in time before whole MSD's Hyundai operation folded next month.

ex-Hyundai Chief Engineer Graham Moore
Graham Moore
Nationality: United Kingdom
Born: 3th Feb 1958