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Corrado Provera
Director, Peugeot Sport (1998-2005)

Everybody who has followed WRC around the turn of the century knows Corrado Provera but not many knows that long-serving loyal Peugeot employee is not French but Italian. Another less known fact is that besides being director of Peugeot Sport, at same time Corrado also was Director of Marketing Communications of Automobiles Peugeot, a very high office indeed.

In fact, almost his entire career Corrado held various posts directly or indirectly connected with marketing and public relations. This is interesting given that as a young man Provera studied law before moving on to short spell of journalism which in turn led to a job at Chrysler Italy. Within Chrysler he worked first in Italy for six years before moving to head Public Relations department at Chrysler France in 1968. Nine years later in 1977 Corrado was promoted to Public Relations Manager of Chrysler Europe.

Shortly afterwards Chrysler decided to sell it's European operations in a quest to get profitable company again. Buyer was Peugeot which renamed Chrysler Europe as Talbot. Corrado retained his position in new company until Talbot was merged with Peugeot in 1981 and he was appointed as Information Director of Automobiles Peugeot, rather far away from where he had started back in Italy almost twenty years earlier.

Besides having had a team in WRC with Talbot Lotus, company also tried it's hand in F1 racing with Ligier. As both of these programmes were wound down after early 1980's, the big thing came from Talbot UK where Jean Todt had been involved with WRC programme. Todt was put in charge of the new Peugeot 205T16 project with Provera presiding over the PR. That success was huge but unfortunately was cut short with Group B.

Paris-Dakar followed, alongside with sportscar racing and Le Mans, return to F1 in mid-1990's and finally, a return to rallying first with 306 Formula 2 kit car and later in 1999, with Peugeot 206WRC.

Having served Peugeot in various different posts since 1962, Corrado retired after Swedish Rally in February 2005 leaving Peugeot Sport team in hands of Jean-Pierre Nicolas.

Corrado Provera
Nationality: Italian
Born: 18-Jan-1941
Died: 5-Nov-2023