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Final results
 Note: These are leading results only!
 Pos  Nr  Driver/Car  Nat   Gr  Time  Pen. 
 1st  3  Sainz, Carlos
 Subaru Impreza 555
   ES   A8    6h 36m 38s    --:-- 
 2nd  8  Schwarz, Armin
 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
   DE   A    +4m 01s    --:-- 
 3rd  6  Kankkunen, Juha
 Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD (ST185)
   FI   A    +5m 53s    --:-- 
 4th  15  Fiorio, Alessandro
 Lancia Delta HF Integrale
   IT   A    +14m 20s    --:-- 
 5th  9  Vatanen, Ari
 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
   FI   A    +15m 25s    --:-- 
 6th  5  Wilson, Malcolm
 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
   GB   A    +22m 47s    --:-- 
 7th  10  Fujimoto, Yoshio
 Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD (ST185)
   JP   A    +32m 52s    --:-- 
 8th  32  Vovos, Armodios
 Lancia Delta HF Integrale
   GR   A    +42m 37s    --:-- 
 9th  14  Triner, Emil
 Skoda Favorit 136L
   CZ   A    +1h 00m 24s    --:-- 
 10th  12  Sibera, Pavel
 Skoda Favorit 136L
   CZ   A    +1h 01m 08s    --:-- 
 11th  20  Menem Jr., Carlos
 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
   AR   N    +1h 05m 43s    --:-- 
 12th  11  Hatzipanayiotou, Stratis
 Nissan Sunny
   GR   A    +1h 06m 24s    --:-- 
 Nr  Driver/Car  Nat   Gr   Control   Reason 
 1  Biasion, Massimo
 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
   IT   A   SS20  retired
 2  Auriol, Didier
 Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD (ST185)
   FR   A   SS17  retired
 4  Eriksson, Kenneth
 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
   SE   A   SS18  retired
  rear suspension
 7  McRae, Colin
 Subaru Impreza 555
   GB   A   End of leg 2  excluded
  windscreen affair
 17  bin Sulayem, Mohammed
 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
   AE   N   SS6  retired
  fuel pressure
 21  de Mevius, Gregoire
 Opel Astra
   BE   A   SS9  retired
 23  Stohl, Manfred
 Audi Coupe S2
   AT   A     retired
Roll of Honour
Overall winner
   Carlos Sainz
Winning manufacturer
Group N winner
   Carlos Menem Jr.
McRae affair
McRae's exclusion for "unsportsman-like behavior" is one of the most controversial incidents in recent times. Without pointing any fingers, events were as follows.

Colin's car was examined by officials at rest halt and in following road section, the bonnet of his car flew open and smashed the windscreen. Apparently, scrutineers had left safety pins unfastened.

The crew felt that since damage was caused due to negligence on organiser's side, they would be entitled to repair the damage before next stage and without any penalties. Because of this, rally ran 30 minutes late.

Later that night, stewards excluded Colin. It is unclear if his car actually prevented the other crews from passing it and whether any repair was authorized by marshals, there being conflicting views of the matter.