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Update priorities
What has been completed so far
  • Structure of the site (obviously).

  • Basic seasonal information from all WRC years (Seasons).
  • Profile of all WRC rallies currently on calendar and some that no longer are not (Rallies).

  • Basic information and top-10 results for all WRC events held to date (Rallies).

  • At least basic info on current WRC teams and basic info on some former WRC teams (Teams).

  • Basic info on all top WRC drivers, most co-drivers and some other people (People).

  • Nice array of statistics which currently are being re-touched (Statistics).

  • Various special projects found under Specials.

  • Current top priorities
  • To get stage info (name, distance, stage winner and his time) on all events (missing around 30).

  • To get full results from all events (missing some 170plus).

  • Failing that, to get as much result info as possible.

  • Current low priorities
  • Completion of all WRC event profiles.

  • Car profiles (except new cars, they are top priority as they come).

  • People profiles (except on special cases).

  • Team profiles.

  • Odd ideas that are implemented as time permits or sometimes - even faster.

  • Development pipeline in the long run
  • Improvements on statistics (need base information first to generate those).

  • In-depth analysis on rallying literature.

  • Completion of WRC Hall of Fame.

  • Writing more articles about the WRC.

  • Do you have info?
    If you feel that you have any information on any of the subjects mentioned in priorities lists, top or low, have a look at page Help wanted.

    In case you decide that you can be of assistance, my contact info can be found at page About this site.
    Update schedules
    Site is updated weekly and update day is virtually always Tuesday (was and sometimes still is Wednesday).