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Goal of the Site
This site ("") is archive of everything that is FIA World Rally Championship. From this site you find results, facts and profiles of drivers, teams, events plus much more. is not an interactive site, we do not carry news or discussion forums. Visit the links section to find interesting sites that cover different aspects of the championship and world rallying.

My first contact with established webmastering and rally publishing was in 2000-2001 when I ran Seat fan-site for short-lived -rallying network. Unfortunately, they decided to focus on other sports and dropped rallying from the network. Curiously enough, the content of the inactive sites was not deleted from their database until 2007 and hence the site was still accessible via Google search.

Some of my former collegues continued on their own and founded, now renamed as I was asked to join but at that time I had other commitments and could not devote enough time to the project. I have been active supporter of their excellent site and will continue to be, too. Purpose and scope of our sites are quite different and complement each others.

Since Rivals folded I have had an ambition to establish and run a WRC site of my own. By the time Tommi Mäkinen announced his retirement in August 2003, I had more free time available and I realized that time for my site had come. Initially I spent time researching, designing and making up my mind and it took me some six months to arrive to final decision. And so domain was registered early February 2004.

Who is Jonkka?
Fair question, indeed. I won't write my full bio here but I try to provide basic information so that you know who I am and why I run this site.

This site doesn't earn me a cent, quite the contrary as domain and server costs me little money each month. The time I devote to this site varies a lot, site maintenance has been pretty much automated so updating new information doesn't take long. But programming the software and feeding in 30 years worth of WRC history took a quite while.

So why do it? For number of reasons. Primary reason is that I am rally fan and I would spend lot of time to my hobby anyway. Secondly, I have had need for a complete statistical archive for a long time and though there are some very good sites, none of those have had all that I have longed for. Last but not the least reason is that I wanted to learn more about HTML and PHP. And what would be a better way than to build a publishing engine and site from scratch?

I got the passion, apparently. Do I got knowledge, do I know what I talk about? Legends like Martin Holmes have been around by far longer than I have, that's for sure. I have systematically followed and collected information of WRC since Monte Carlo 1998 but I did follow the sport occasionally even before the bug bit me real hard.

Contact info
I can be contacted at my spam-resistant mail address.

Please note that address is subject to change if it starts to receive spam so check the current address from here if you're unable to reach me.

In case you need to send me physical mail, first contact me by e-mail.