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Luis Moya
Most rally fans of 1990's remember Luis Moya for the incredible speed at which he read the pace notes. His reading was hypnotic, almost constant stream of words for the driver. It is doubtful that none other but Sainz could have digested that much information and it is no wonder that they drove together almost exclusively for 15 years.

At the time Luis first caught rally bug, the closest WRC event was over the border at Portugal. For years he and friends made pilgrimage there until in 1982 Luis sat on co-driver's seat for a first time. Five years later he was in Spanish national championship with Guillermo Barreras.

Then came a phone call from Sainz whose regular co-driver Antonio Boto was about to quit. That call changed Moya's life, medical studies at university ended and international co-driving career began. Partnership worked remarkably well even though at that time Luis was relatively inexperienced. According to Luis, Carlos was easy person to work with, patient and understanding towards his co-driver.

First win came after couple of years of trying and season 1990 also marked the first non-scandinavian win at 1000 Lakes Rally. Most of Luis' career is same as Carlos', ups and downs have been common to both them, from joyful moments to bitter disappointments. A glimpse at statistics reveals the extent of his career, currently being most successful co-driver of all times with 24 wins.

For 2003 season Sainz signed to Citroen, taking heavy pay cut in order to remain in WRC. Luis was not willing to risk his life and limb without decent compensation and so their partnership came to an end after 15 years. At that time Luis said he would not make comeback with other driver and he would be seen in rallies as a spectator.

That did not last as Subaru signed him as Sporting Director in September 2003.

WRC starts:161
first: Portugal 1988
latest: Great Britain 2002
Luis Moya
Nationality: Spain
Birthday: 23-Sep-1960

How was it?
First reaction to Luis' retiment and stated reason of insufficient pay was that he is greedy. But bearing in mind how co-drivers like Prevot, Mannisenmaki, Grataloup (twice), Pietilainen and Luis himself were hospitalized in 2001 and 2002, the risks of the job are undeniable.