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Garry Connelly
Clerk of the Course, Rally Australia (1988-2002)

Since event's inception in 1988, Rally Australia had a very special man for a Clerk of the Course. Garry's approach to event organising was more that of a business man than a sports man. Right from the start, he and his team were in front line of innovations, steadily pushing boundaries of rally organisation.

Considering this, it is no wonder that Rally Australia was voted as rally of the year three times in six years (1995, 1999 and 2000). One of the innovations was Eye in the Sky, helicopter fitted with TV camera and transmitting high-quality live image back to headquarters. When Francois Delecour had his accident in 2001, both medical helicopter and Eye in the Sky arrived to scene in just four minutes.

Problems started to mount in 2002 and although very few actually knew anything, rumors were out and about. The issue was between organising committee of the rally and Western Australian Tourism Commission (WATC) who were owners of the event. To date, no details have been released as all parties have remained quiet but it is understood that WATC wanted to decrease budgets and cut back on some of the innovations, compromising safety.

In December 2002, a month after the that year's rally was held, Garry resigned. Resulting drama shook rallying community for months before situation calmed. Argument between WATC, event organisers and Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) mounted and finally even FIA stepped in. Issue turned into contractual wrangle, FIA even threatening event with removal from the calendar. Eventually, Rally Australia was run for the last time in 2006 as Western Australian government backing faded.

Several Australians, Garry and CAMS among them, wanted to keep WRC in Australia and announced plans to try and find another venue for new Rally Australia.

Garry Connelly
Garry Connelly
Nationality: Australia
Born: 1st March 1947