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First double champion
1982 was again a year when history was made, Rohrl became first driver to win more than one world championship title. What made Walter's achievement special was the fact the he had faced long odds against powerful Audi team, withstood the pressure and eventually conquered the title. Michele Mouton's runner-up position was also a historical achievement which has never been bettered, so far.

Based on events of the previous season, it looked 1982 would be year of Hannu Mikkola and Audi quattro. In the end, Hannu was plagued by mechanical problems and also made number of his own errors, resulting a disastrous year. But in makes Audi managed to capture world title with all of their three drivers Mikkola, Mouton and Blomqvist contributing at least one win to overall score.

Calendar was to hold 13 events for a first time since oil crisis, but Rally Codasur in Argentina was cancelled due to Falklands War.

New cars
There were many new cars like various Nissan Silvia versions with or without turbo or Toyota's first successful Celica. But above all the others was Lancia's new weapon, the Rally 037. Car debuted in Corsica and it soon proved to be just about the only car to keep up with all-mighty Audi quattro even though good results avoided it during the year.

1982 FIA World Rally Champion
(Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window)
1982 FIA World Rally Champions, Walter Rohlr and Christain Geistdorfer Click picture to see larger version in a pop-up window
Drivers scoring their
first win
  no new winners
first drivers' point
  D. Snobeck (Monte Carlo)
  J. Barth (Monte Carlo)
  P. Touren (Monte Carlo)
  M. Ericsson (Sweden)
  K. Grundel (Sweden)
  B. Thorsell (Sweden)
  F. Wittman (Portugal)
  C. Dorche (Portugal)
  M. Silva (Portugal)
  A. Ferreira da Cunha (Portugal)
  O. Tabatoni (Portugal)
  J. Fleck (Portugal)
  F. Tundo (Safari)
  R. Collinge (Safari)
  Y. Takahashi (Safari)
  J. Alam (Safari)
  R. Khoda (Safari)
  B. Beguin (Corsica)
  F. Vincent (Corsica)
  R. Simonetti (Corsica)
  J. McRae (Acropolis)
  A. Maniatopoulos (Acropolis)
  P. Moshoutis (Acropolis)
  T. Geminis (Acropolis)
  F. Heisler (Acropolis)
  R. Millen (New Zealand)
  J. Leyraud (New Zealand)
  T. Teesdale (New Zealand)
  R. Cook (New Zealand)
  A. Rodrigues (Brazil)
  H. Uotila (Finland)
  J. Kinnunen (Finland)
  H. Palmroos (Finland)
  S. Mustonen (Finland)
  M. Cinotto (San Remo)
  H. Toivonen (San Remo)
  L. Lupidi (San Remo)
  V. Caneva (San Remo)
  E. Salim (Ivory Coast)
  M. Wilson (Great Britain)
first stage win
  D. Snobeck (Monte Carlo)
  F. Wittman (Portugal)
  A. Tognana (San Remo)
  H. Demuth (San Remo)
  L. Lampi (Great Britain)