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Ah well
Another Lancia year but not without controversy. Final stage of San Remo 1976 ranks as one of the all-time top stories in WRC. Munari and Waldegard were fighting for the lead and before final stage, Bjorn led Sandro by four seconds. Team boss Cesare Fiorio wanted to give his compatriot an equal chance for a win and at the start of the final stage he held Waldegard up for four additional seconds.

Understandably Bjorn was not pleased and he was, ironically enough, four seconds faster over the final stage and won the event. That was the end of his career at Lancia, the very same evening fuming swede rang to Ford, got signed and left Lancia. Two events later in Great Britain he finished fourth in an Escort, one minute and one place ahead of Munari.

No fight
Championship was one-horse race, only Lancia embarked serious assault on the title while other teams picked only those events that suited them. For example, some of the second placed Opel's points were scored by privateer drivers or by drivers way behind the leaders in final results.

Drivers scoring their
first win
  P. Eklund (Sweden)
  H. Kallstrom (Acropolis)
  R. Clark (Great Britain)